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UBER Medicals

Wondering how to become an UBER driver on the Sunshine Coast? Coastal Family Health offers medical appointments for all aspects of commercial driving including UBER. Becoming an authorised UBER driver starts right here with us at the practice. All steps to the process can be found by clicking the UBER link below but we’ve narrowed the first few down for you below.

Driver’s authorisation application

Start by completing a Driver’s Authorisation (DA) application. Complete the relevent form for you and bring it with you to your medical appointment.

There are 2 different forms:

Applying for this first time, download and complete this ‘Driver Authorisation New Application Form’.

Otherwise if you are just renewing your application, dowload and complete the ‘Drivers Authorisation Renewal Form’.

Get a medical assessment

Once you have completed your DA application it’s time to book in your uber medical with us. The cost for this medical is $120.

Unfortunately due to this being work related there is no medicare rebate for this consult.

Don’t forget to bring your application for your Driver’s Authorisation with you to your appointment.

You can book online 24/7 by clicking here.

Submit application to the TMR

You have all your forms ready now. You can now go to your closest Transport Department and submit your application in-person.

Take along with you your medical assessment and application fee.

It’s good to keep a copy of these for yourself and UBER will also require a copy. It typically takes 2-3 weeks for this to be approved.

Upload to Uber

Upload your DA to your UBER account. Create one if you haven’t already by clicking here.

This should have you well on your way to becoming an UBER driver on the Sunshine Coast.
For more information and further detailed steps click the UBER logo above.

Call to book an appointment (07) 5444 1522 or click the link below to book online 24/7.

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