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Is it time to take another look at what might be the right contraceptive for you? With 2 out of …


Is it time to take another look at what might be the right contraceptive for you? With 2 out of 3 women taking contraceptives and the wide range of contraceptive products now available it might be time to check with your GP that you are on the safest and most effective contraception that is best suited to you.

A recent study suggests that Australian women are not fully aware of some of the newer contraceptives available and are not taking them up at the rate women are in other countries. Sometimes women dont think past the pill because its easy and has been around since the 60s. The study particularly highlighted the very high level of additional protection that can be achieved by hormonal implants (known as Implanon and Mirena) especially in younger women and older women. Because the implants do not rely on remembering to take a pill every single day at the same time it has been shown to be  20- 40 times more reliable than the pill. Also the implants have no oestrogen and only a fraction of the dose of progesterone compared with the pill.

It is not just young women and teens starting out that need to know about contraceptive options. Implants will certainly not suit everyone but the next time you are visiting for a pill script or pap smear talk to your GP about what is available and just make sure you really still have the right contraception for you right now.


Dr Fiona McGrath
(M.B.B.S., F.R.A.C.O.G., Dip.O.G.)

Dr Fiona McGrath is one of the Sunshine Coasts leading GPs and has a strong interest in women’s health issues.
Originally trained in Victoria, she has a number of roles in Primary Care Health in Australia, including a role as trainer to registrars and serves on several boards, where she uses her experience and knowledge to help educate patients and the community about health issues.
She has extensive experience and a strong following on the Sunshine Coast.

Coastal Family Health has an extensive female health team including:

Dr Tracey Bryan, Dr Fiona McGrath, Dr Karen Yew, Dr Rachelle Smyth, Dr Kara James, Dr Ann-Marie Almeida & Dr Theresa Stockwell.