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At Coastal Family Health we pride ourselves on providing a high quality immunization service for children and families. We have …

At Coastal Family Health we pride ourselves on providing a high quality immunization service for children and families. We have experienced nurses and doctors who will make the immunization process as streamlined and low stress for children and parents as possible.

Immunisation is often stressful for parents particularly with baby vaccinations starting at 6 weeks. We understand how important it is to have parents and baby as comfortable as possible. We weigh and measure baby and check for any reason vaccination should not occur on the day (eg illness or fever). We can also check if there are any concerns about baby’s development, routines or other issues such as feeding.

 Here are some tips for preparing for you child’s immunization visit:

Immunisation tips for parents:

*     Try to arrange the immunization appointment so you can go straight home afterwards

*     Have a look at your red Child Health Book at the relevant page and look through the prompts about you child’s health and development

*     Make some notes to remind you if you have any questions

*     Don’t forget to bring the red Child Health Book with you

*     Be ready to give baby a feed after immunization as this is usually the very best way to settle him/her quickly.

*     Be ready to stay for about 15 minutes after the vaccination (Public Health experts recommend you stay in the practice for a short time after immunization due to a rare risk of reaction)

We are very fortunate that quality research and the latest in technological advances have meant that we can safely deliver a number of vaccines in the one shot. However many of our immunization visits require 2 needles to be given at the visit.

At Coastal Family Health we have 2 providers (usually a nurse and a doctor) independently double check the vaccinations and deliver the needles in 2 separate sites at the same time. This means your child has one painful event instead of 2! Babies usually quickly settle once they are back in your arms again.

Queensland Health have developed a fantastic phone app to help you stay up to date with the schedule of immunization. It is VERY important that babies and children are vaccinated on time as falling behind means they can be vulnerable to disease outbreaks.

Read more at http://vaccinate.initiatives.qld.gov.au/

Please note: We try to keep the immunisation visits specifically for vaccination and address any other significant issues in a separate consultation so they can be given the proper attention

Your doctor or nurse will be happy to provide further information and answer any questions. Find more information here:



Dr Fiona McGrath
(M.B.B.S., F.R.A.C.O.G., Dip.O.G.)

Dr Fiona McGrath is one of the Sunshine Coasts leading GPs and has a strong interest in women’s health issues.
Originally trained in Victoria, she has a number of roles in Primary Care Health in Australia, including a role as trainer to registrars and serves on several boards, where she uses her experience and knowledge to help educate patients and the community about health issues.
She has extensive experience and a strong following on the Sunshine Coast and is available for appointment Monday to Wednesday.

Call 07 5444 1522 to book an appointment with Dr Fiona or Click here to make an appointment online

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