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Myth 1  If I take antibiotics my pill will not work ….FALSE vomiting from gastroenteritis or too much alcohol will increase …

Myth 1  If I take antibiotics my pill will not work ….FALSE vomiting from gastroenteritis or too much alcohol will increase the chances of you falling pregnant but antibiotics used for common illnesses do not

Myth 2 The pill will protect me against Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STIs)  ….FALSE condoms used correctly are highly effective at preventing STIs and are highly recommended if you are in a new or casual relationship

Myth 3 If I start bleeding I should stop the pill straight away…..FALSE if you start bleeding on the pill you should continue as usual, make a record of your bleeding days check if you have had a recent PAP smear and see your GP. Stopping the pill because of bleeding greatly increases your chances of falling pregnant.

Myth 4 If I stop the pill it will take at least one cycle before I am able to fall pregnant ….FALSE you can fall pregnant straight away when you stop the pill. Up to 50% of women will fall pregnant straight away while other might that 6-2 months to fall pregnant this is almost exactly the same pattern for women who have not been on the pill.

Myth 5 The pill will make me fat…..FALSE there is only a small increase in the number of women who have significant weight gain compared to women not on the pill

Myth 6 If I am late with a pill I should just miss it and take the next pill at my usual time….FALSE if you miss a pill you should take it as soon as you remember even if it’s late. If your are 12 hours or more late still take it even up to 24 hours late you should take 2 pills together. If you are 12 hours or more late you will not be able to rely on the pill to stop you getting pregnant until you have had a further 10 days continuously on the pill.

Your GP will be able to answer any of your questions about the pill, other contraceptive choices or women’s health issues In general. We are only too happy to help.

Dr Fiona McGrath
(MBBS, Dip.O&G)

Dr Fiona McGrath is one of the Sunshine Coasts leading GPs and has a strong interest in women’s health issues.
Originally trained in Victoria, she has a number of roles in Primary Care Health in Australia, including a role as trainer to registrars and serves on several boards, where she uses her experience and knowledge to help educate patients and the community about health issues.
She has extensive experience and a strong following on the Sunshine Coast and is available for appointments. Call 075444 1522 to book an appointment with Dr Fiona.

Coastal Family Health has an extensive female health team including:

Dr Tracey Bryan, Dr Fiona McGrath, Dr Karen Yew, Dr Rachelle Smyth, Dr Kara James, Dr Ann-Marie Almeida & Dr Theresa Stockwell.

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