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Anti-Wrinkle Injections

At Coastal Family Health we now are able to offer cosmetic treatments. We have Dr Karen Yew & Dr Michael Walsh who are experienced and qualified in anti-wrinkle injections.

Dr Karen Yew

Dr Michael Walsh

Botulinum toxin A is produced by the bacteria Clostridium botulinum. It was initially used to treat strabismus (also known as cross eye) and found to have the effect of relaxing facial muscles.

It is now used in both the medical and cosmetic industry. Anti-wrinkle injections (sometimes just referred to as botox) have gained popularity for being able to help reduce wrinkle lines.
It is commonly used in treating:


Frown lines – between the eyebrows


Forehead lines


Gummy smile – too much gum line showing with smiling


Marionette lines / down-turned corner of mouth


Wrinkled chin


Jaw slimming


Excessive sweating/ Hyperhidrosis


Crows feet – around the eyes


Brow lift


Nose wrinkles


Smokers lip lines


Nefertiti lift (muscular bands on neck)


Bruxism (chronic teeth grinding causes increased thickness of jaw muscle)


Costs vary depending on the area being treated and how much product is needed.

$11 per unit is charged (including GST)

A skin consult is undertaken to understand the patients goals and the best options to achieve those goals. If anti-wrinkle injections is decided to be the best option, GP’s will give the cost during consultation of how many units is required for your treatment as multiple treatments may be requested or required to achieve the patients goal.

If patients are happy with the cost, they are able to go ahead with treatment on the day. Patients are also welcome to re-book at a further date if they do not wish to go ahead with the treatment on the day. If this is the case, a skin consult fee of $70 is charged. All payments are payable at the time of treatment or consult. Medicare does not offer a rebate for cosmetic procedures. To book online 24/7 click here otherwise call our lovely reception team on 5444 1522 for more information.

* Failure to attend a booked appointment, or cancelling without 1 hours notice may result in a missed appointment fee (no medicare rebate).


How quickly does it work and for how long?

The effect of anti-wrinkle injections is not usually noticed until 4 days later but peaks at 2 weeks. It lasts between 3-6 months in most cases, 6-18 months if used to treat excessive sweating.

Does it hurt?

The needles used are ultra fine which means there should be minimal discomfort. We also limit the number of injections per needle to avoid blunting and therefore reduce discomfort. The whole procedure is actually quite quick!

What are the side effects?

It is normal to expect bruising, redness and mild swelling around the injection sites. The swelling will mostly resolve in 30 minutes. Bruising is more common around the eyes. Most patients can come in, have their treatment and leave without anyone being able to tell that they have had treatment done! Uncommon side effects include temporary drooping of the eyelids, eyebrows and lips depending on areas treated. However this resolves with 3 months.

Is there any after care?

Yes there is. To prevent the toxin spreading to areas, we recommend at least 4 hours of maintaining an upright position, no exercise or rubbing/massaging the treated area. You are encouraged to move the treated muscles as much as you like. Alcohol may affect the uptake of the toxin so we recommend avoiding it for minimum 4hrs.

Who can get it?

If you are over 18, male or female, we can help you work out if this is the right treatment for you. Some contraindication to anti-wrinkle injections include pregnancy, breastfeeding, nerve or muscle disorders such as Myasthenia gravis and immunosuppression.

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